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Inventory Management 1 Sept 2022
Use of exam and gradebook software
It helps in completing the examination processes and educational institutions can easily generate customizable report cards.
  • Simplifies manual grading activities
  • Supplements the efforts of teachers
  • Reviews students’ performance
  • Distribution of assignments
Features of OkieDokie exam and gradebook
  • Customized report cards :- OkieDokie helps in customizing the report cards in the gradebook according to the requirements of the institutes
  • Conduct online exams :- It helps in providing a safe and secure way for conducting the examinations for multiple students at the same time
  • Communications :- It makes it easy for the institutions to create and schedule examinations and notify the students regarding those
  • Parent Access :-The parents can easily access and monitor the progress of their student with the latest grades
  • Reduced workload :-It saves the time and efforts of the teachers by consolidating the hectic grading process into software
Exam Management System
It helps in managing all the exam processes. It involves all the activities related to examination management, starting from enrollment and filling up of examination forms, to the processing of exams and other related activities
  • Manages results :- :- OkieDokie helps in managing the examinations as well as the results of the students
  • Options for payment :- institutions can easily upload a series of practice exams that students can purchase. Even the exam related fee can also be paid easily
  • Views various types of exams :- Any type of exams whether completed, ongoing or that are to be undertaken, all can be viewed
  • Conducting multiple exams :- Online exam tasks can be assigned with ease just with the available demo rather than any training
Benefits of Examination management system
  • Saves time and effort of teachers
  • Results can be viewed in a single click
  • Simplifies exam scheduling
  • Security of records
  • Provides accuracy
  • Cost-effective
How we are making things easy for institutes
1. Assessment challenge by Grading System: The educational institutions assess the performance of the students based on their tests, exams, assignments and projects. The main thing they do is to evaluate the student’s work, communicate with students, motivate them to focus, and being involved in the course. The challenges faced by grading system are:-
  • No proper way to know the assessment process and grading technique
  • Rare classroom assessment techniques
  • No flexibility in programme grading
  • Lack of transparency
Solution: Delayed grading allows teachers and students to focus on the space to make mistakes that are necessary to grow and the work at hand. Moreover, by holding off the grading of students, they are freed from all the pressures of making mistakes and can see the opportunities for learning and deep digging into the learning process.
2. Assessment challenge by Technological Issues: Innovation in assessment is a fragile matter in summative assessment, that is controlled and has consequences on students’ assessment. They are concerned about plagiarism and there is a difficulty in transferring the problems when different departments have separate working practices and also the security issues. The technical issues should be met for the assessement systems like system, security, accessibility, etc.
Solution: It is a complex procedure for ranking and percentages. So, a formative assessment can help in boosting the engagement, identifying the knowledge gaps and supporting deeper learning
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